Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Visiting Teaching Message - General Conference Quotes {free 8x10 printable}

My attempts to have the visiting teaching messages done by the first day of the month are futile. . . especially when there were so many AMAZING talks at General Conference. Which is why I decided to make an 8x10 print with most of my favorite quotes, still couldn't fit all of them. I confess that I still haven't heard or read all the talks but I have truly benefited from what I have heard. I just found out my phone will read the talks to me. . . (I know, most of you already knew that) which is great while I am folding laundry, making dinner, working on orders, etc., etc., etc. I will gladly take any little bit of spiritual advice or uplifting messages I can get!
I hope you enjoy this month's handout and share it with the sisters you visit! Simply click the download button, print and deliver!
For more information on visiting teaching and General Conference, go HERE!


  1. Thanks for this - it's so hard to pick just one quote!

  2. What a great gift to give to my ladies!! Thank you so much Telisa!! You're amazing!!!

  3. I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Very nice--printing at this moment for my visits tonight ;)

  5. Thank you for sharing! I love it!

  6. Thanks for using your talent to put this cute handout together. I love all the quotes you included. It is going to be prefect to share this month!!

  7. I have enjoyed this beautiful conference printable hanging on my fridge since last april!
    Any chance you may do another one from October 2013 Conference? My family is all hoping you may come out with something!


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