Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Under the Sea Party!

Here it is, my friends. The sum of all of my labor and stress over the past few weeks.
 Jojo and Kaitlyn's Under the Sea party!
My daughter (Jojo) and her best little friend (Kaitlyn) both turn two within a few weeks of one another, so we thought "wouldn't it be so much easier to just have one party instead of two?"
well.....I think we still ended up doing the amount of work and preparation for two parties. But it was fun doing it with a friend! Below, my friend and co party planner, Sarah and I. (I am on the right.)
From the left, we had crabby crackers, gummi octopus, fish candies, shark fruit snacks, goldfish cookies, mermaid tattoos, swedish fish, rainbow twizzlers, goldfish in a sand bucket (with the shovel to serve), and a shark watermelon bowl.
Here's a closeup of the shark watermelon. His eyes are blueberries. mmmm
 Blue balloons with goldfish on the strings.
We had quite a few goldfish cut out, but the balloons fell with more than one fish! I found this idea on pinterest, and you can find it here at the Young moments blog.
 Blue Kool-Aid 
 The birthday girls and their little outfits! We found them matching shirts and I used fabric glue to adhere strings of sequins for the 2. i made hair bows with seashells on them, and little sashes with mermaid fabric! Being two year olds, almost everything came off right after pictures. ;)
Goody sand buckets! I printed out the names on regular printer paper, taped the paper to the inside of the buckets and used a paint pen to trace the names. They were filled with glow necklaces, sunglasses, goldfish snacks, and lots of CANDY! 
 The birthday girls, being mischevious. (And looking like Bono?)

 I used a large cardboard box, flipped it inside out and painted a fish bowl on the side. With a little door on one end, it was the perfect photo op!
Ah, the cake. Promise it was yummier than it looks! The turrets were made with regular cake baked in cans. The front piece of the castle was made using a sandcastle mold- we used the no bake cheesecake mix, packed in the graham cracker crust first and then poured in the cheesecake. This is the only one that survived, besides the little top piece. (Shoot. had to eat the rest...)
The base is a layer of pound cake. YUM.
We squished up some blue jello and made a moat around the castle, complete with octopuses and sharks for protection. (naturally.)
 Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the cake. messy!
The backdrop for the main table was a blue tablecloth with crepe paper hanging over it for a water effect. Both my co-party planner and husband work in the medical field and have lots of access to blue surgical drapes. Perfect! Each table was covered with one, and it made for awesome clean up!
 The food table- we had sandwiches and mac and cheese.
 Jellyfish (paper bowls and ribbon), and my cute sailor of a husband. ;)

Okay, and check out the adorable invites that we sent out!
You can purchase them here at Telisa's etsy shop!

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