Saturday, September 10, 2011

JoJo's Circus Party!

My sweet, sweet baby turned one just a few months ago.

Now, you should know that I'm a big theme person.. for parties.

Rooms? Not so much.

The little faces to the right are pictures of her face that I printed out on cardstock and hot glued to bamboo skewers. I then stuck those into a vase filled with bubble gum. Aaaand, since neither of my children can chew gum, I have been chomping for weeks. :)
Below, Jojo and I (and her little circus headband that she refused to keep on).
This was her cake topper. The poles are bamboo skewers painted red, and I drew out the pictures on cardstock and hung the trapeze artist from a piece of ribbon. The elephant is glued to another bamboo skewer and I poked it through a cupcake liner for some height.

For the inside of the cake, I wanted a rainbow cake, but ended up creating all sorts of weird colors! :) It was good, though. and I ended up using about 3 pounds of icing. (!)

I found some party hats at the dollar store and hot glued flowers to the tops.

It added a little individuality and fun to each one!

Here is the birthday girl with her favorite gift- her very own purse!

...and this is me saying how cute the little purse is. But I didn't put that weird sideways picture of me up for that. I wanted to show you the old suitcase behind me that has clown props in it. Almost everything in there was from the dollar store. Funny hats, clown noses, big glasses and shaped glasses, and more of Jojo's face on a stick. :)

Here is Jojo in her cozy coupe.. and it really was cozy!

Here's another great idea from Pinterest....

Rainbow fruit kabobs! They were a hit, and so easy to delegate. You know, someone shows up and says, "What can i do?" Well, I saved this for them. I had one done as an example, and just put them to work.

This isn't very circus-y, but today was Penny's first day of preschool! We used Telisa's printable and will from now on. My mom just found all of our first day of school pictures and it was a beast trying to figure out how old my sisters and I were in each one. This printable is perfect, and I highly recommend it! We just taped it behind her, because she was a little too excited to hold it still for the camera. :)



Jojo's fun party inspired me to make a circus, carnival invitation that can be found HERE.

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