Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekly Calendar Template - Weekly Scheduler

If you are anything like me (which I am sorry if you are;)), you tend to get overwhelmed easily, THINK you need to do a million things and go crazy in the process. After my husband finished his Pysch rotation (super fun for your hubby to tell you your personality quirks), he thought it would be good for me to break down the things I want/need to get done into days and write them down. That way, I am not worrying about getting the vacuuming, laundry, more items up in my shop EVERYDAY . . . they have their own time for me to worry about them. For my OCD mind, this works wonders!! I also know that if the laundry is piling up, I am not going to wait until Monday or Friday to do it. . . this is more like a guideline. I have seen a bunch of these floating around but wanted to make one a bit more customized to my house/work life.
I have them available in my shop as a blank template that I will write in your name at the top. i.e. "tiffany's schedule" and you can fill in or as a customized schedule that I fill in for you. They comei in 6 different colors: Lime Green, Tiffany Blue, Yellow, Gray, Hot Pink, and Tangerine.
There is just something about having everything written down, instead of running crazy in my head.
The colors can be customized to match your style. Just add this DESIGN CHANGE FEE to your cart at checkout along with the calendar template.

P.S. The fun washi embellishments are by Nisa Finn at JessicaSprague.comPhotobucket


  1. Love it Telisa!! Can't wait to try mine out!!

  2. Love my Grandma Kat one with the camera background!! Brilliant idea!!! Genius!!

  3. Can't wait to use mine either!! Now I just need to figure out my work/chore schedule!! You and Clay make a good team!


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