Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby Jar Topiary & felt flower tutorial

I recently cleaned out my scary basement . . . again, and found a LOT of baby jars that I just couldn't toss because I was hoping they would come in handy someday. Well, I have used them for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's treats, bead holders, bobby bin holders, elastic holders, etc. and now finally found a different use for them. . .
Mini topiaries! So unnecessary but fun nonetheless.
If you want to join in on my craziness, here is what you will need:
baby jars (however many you want to make, I made 5 (even though 6 are shown:))
Candy or other decor to fill the baby jars
sucker sticks
felt or other material to make flowers
a drill
spray paint for the lids (I used green, not shown in picture)
hot glue gun
 I started off making white flowers and it was too dull for me, I needed something bright and happy for spring.
First, drill a small hole in the middle of the baby jar lids big enough for the sticks to fit in and than spray paint them. While they are drying, get going on your felt flowers.
Cut out about 14 2" circles for each flower and one small one. Fold your circle in half, then fold half of that forward (I dabbed a little hot glue on the corner to hold it in place) and the other half backward (again using a little dab of hot glue). So you have a little S shape. I made 6 of those and then glued them in a circle on the small felt piece. After those are in place, I took one of the petals and trimmed off the tip just a little bit and glued it in the middle to make a puffy flower. 
 Now, just turn it over and do the same thing on the other side. I found that I didn't need 6 petals to go all the way around, 5 worked great and then I put one in the middle again. Put a dab of glue on your stick and put it in your flower. The jelly beans didn't hold the stick up as well as I had hoped, so I put some glue on the bottom of the lid and the stick. 
 And now you have your own little baby jar topiary! Now go make some more. . . and I dare you not to eat any of the yummy jelly beans in the process:)
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  1. I am SO in love with this idea!!!!SO creative!

  2. Holy shamoley! How fun! Where do you get these ideas?!

  3. I think I am going to make these for a baby shower I am throwing. Thanks!!

  4. This is really cute! Would make great centerpieces for a baby shower! Thanks so much for sharing (and I'm going to pin this so I don't forget!)
    Hugs -

  5. Ok-I am in. I am joining up to the craziness. I am SOOO making these for my daughter's b-day party next week:) I would be so totally thrilled if you linked up at my party goin on all weekend!

  6. just love these sweet lil jars. I am including this in my weekly wow's on sunday, tomorrow. come by and visit.

  7. these are so cute. they made me smile.

  8. Wow. I have lots of baby jars because we have a baby in the family now. I've been wondering what I could do with them. This is perfect!! Best wishes, Linda

  9. These are amazing! I love the simplicity of them! I hope you'll link up to my Hippity Hop Easter Project Hop!

  10. Very cute! I just pinned this idea and hope to make it someday!

  11. Pinned this idea... now to round up some baby food jars :)


  13. OH my goodness.....I just love these!!! Super cute!! New followers here. Hope you'll check us out at!

  14. This was such a great idea. It's a feature on Fun Friday Finds today! I hope you can stop by and check it out. Grab a featured button while you are there :)

  15. This is darling! I totally pinned it for later!

  16. Making these today so exited!!!

  17. These caught my eye on Pinterest, so I decided to make them as favors for the guests at my sister in laws baby shower. I made 24, and they turned out to perfect for her theme. I received many compliments, and had people asking me if I had a shop where they could purchase little favors. Your instructions were very thorough. However, this was a very time consuming project. That being said, that will not defer me from making them again!

  18. These are so cute!! I'm off to pin, thank you for sharing, hugs xx

  19. I Love these! I work with Special Needs children and this will be a wonderful spring/Easter project. I am going to send this to our teacher right now!

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