Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Superhero Room / / Updated!!

It's been over a year since I posted Bodie and Tatum's Superhero room and how my it usually goes with me, I have been wanting. . . and by wanting I mean, keep me up in the night - can't focus on anything - wanting to change "a few" things. 
 The first thing that HAD to be changed and that took the longest . . . 6 months to be exact . . . was the blue bunk bed. That is six months of the boys sleeping on the floor :/ The old school BLUE had to go though and the boys thought it was fun to sleep on the floor . . . they were that much closer to their toys. Aaaand instead of taking the easy way out which would have been to spray paint it . . . I stripped it. I knew my boys would scratch the bed up and spray paint wouldn't hold. I didn't want any blue creeping through soooo off it came.
// BEFORE //
// AFTER //
Ahhh, so refreshing.
 I must be crazy because as soon as I got rid of the blue bed, I get a blue night stand. Crazy? I don't know, I am pretty much in love with that little stand and was just waiting for it to go on sale at Target.
Why is there a green and gold necklace in my boys room you ask? Well, I told my boys it was kryptonite and they think it is the coolest thing ever.
Another thing I was not loving was the Superhero Print I made for their room. I update that a bit and put it in a white frame instead of black.
 I found the fun telephone booth at Hobby Lobby and filled it with the "Super Power Game" I made for Design Dazzle's Summer Boredom Buster Series.
My wonderfully talented mother-in-law made the Superhero capes . . . sad to say, one of them is not mine and now my sister knows where her sons Superman cape went;) 
When my Mom comes to visit, we always go to the antique stores around town. We found these Superhero signs on our last outing. 
The red curtains were also swapped out for these green and white striped beauties. They make the room feel so much more open, bright and happy:)
Oh, hi little Lincoln. . . this future hero kept sneaking into the picture. He thinks he is pretty awesome now that he can almost climb the ladder . . . I am in trouble. I am not ready for THREE superheroes in this room.

The comic style pics of my boys and their Superhero bins are the only thing that I didn't change. If you missed the tutorial for the bins, you can find that HERE.
My husband spent a month in Moscow on a rotation and brought back Batman Matryoshka dolls for the boys. Robin, Ice Man, the Penguin and the Joker are inside. Love them!
I am now making a vow to not change ANYTHING in this room until residency is over . . . 2 and a half more years. I might need to go to a support group to make it that long;)

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