Tuesday, September 18, 2012

spooky halloween banner {free printable}

I know I said I am taking a step back from blogland but it's Halloween and you can't get enough Halloween decor, right?? Plus, my amazing, talented and fabulous sister assembled this banner and I had to share it! I would have never embellished it as cute as she did. 
This is made just like my SPRING and NOEL pinwheel banner,  go HERE for assembling instructions. My sister added ribbon, used streamers as extra pinwheels, buttons, glitter, ink on the coffee filters and more cute ribbon!
Click the download button below to get your banner and start assembling!!! 
 Now if I can just get her to make mine, I will be all set!!! Happy Halloween!
Background papers by justsoscrappy.blogspot.com and Sprik Space

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Check your pockets {free laundry sign printable}

We have had a few too many mishaps lately . . . a whole load of laundry ruined by one little pen.
So, I hung a little basket to place those dang pens in and made a little sign to (hopefully) prevent these mishaps in the future. I had this fabulous frame from SHAPED EXPRESSIONS that was just perfect for our little reminder.
I also ALWAYS forget what clothes don't go in the dryer (i.e. husband's bike jersey . . .oops!) so I use my little chalkboard to remind me . . . it's a commom theme in my house that I need reminders for everything.
There are 2 size options for you:
3.5" x 3.5" or 5" x 7"
Simply click the download button below to get your free printable.

Enjoy!!! Stay tuned for a SPOOKY Halloween banner printable!!

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Visiting Teaching Message {free printable}

"The needs of others are ever present, and each of us can do something to help someone."
President Thomas S. Monson
The September visiting teaching message is yet another great reminder of the importance of serving those we visit teach. Even if it as simple as a phone call, e-mail, text, smile, sitting with them at church, etc. we can make a difference in their lives. I hope you enjoy this simple but great message from President Thomas S. Monson about losing ourselves in service.
As always, click the download button below to get your 5x7 print . . . and deliver to your sisters!

Also, I have had several of you ask what a good digital design program is to get started on designing scrapbooks, calendars, cards, posters, etc. I use My Memories Suite Version 3 for just about everything and LOVE it. It is very user friendly, cheap and I have a $10 off coupon code for you plus $10 off anything in their store. Enter this code at checkout to redeem:

As for the digital graphics, MyGrafico has just about everything you need! They have amazing designers, paper crafts and great sales! 
Go check out all their amazing products, you won't be disappointed! 

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