Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY Neon Striped Shirt

This white tee of mine has had many makeovers and this is by far my favorite, which is good because that paint is here to stay. I unpicked the red ruffles that were once on there (and looked terrible BTW) and started on the world's easiest project. 
This is by no means a new idea but here is a quick run down anyway.
Grab a shirt that has been sitting in your closet unused for awhile, some neon (or other color) fabric paint, painters tape and a sponge or paint brush. 
 Put your tape on the shirt in any pattern you want, I love the horizontal stripes and thought it would make a fun chevron pattern when I did the stripes on the back. Dip the sponge in your paint and start sponging it on your tee. Let it dry a bit and take the tape off (my favorite part, I love seeing the outcome!). Let it dry and flip your shirt over to do the same thing to the other side, making sure to line up the tape with the unpainted diagonal stripe.
And now you have a fun, bright and cheerful new shirt. My boys helped me paint the stripes on, so every time I wear the shirt they like to come up and touch the paint. I think they are pretty proud of themselves for making something;)
 My little model buddy who is wondering what his crazy mom is doing taking pictures of herself in the mirror. I love that face!!

No go grab some old shirts . . . I am sure your kid's have some too and upcycle them to something fun and new!
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  1. Oh man! I love this! AND I already have fabric paint! I love that baby and his outfit makes me sad and happy at the same time. Is that possible?

  2. Hey there! Visiting from the Picket Fence and I ADORE this shirt!!! How stinkin' fun is this!? Can't wait to try it out :)

    WOuld love for you to come link up to the Heart&Home link up at :)


  3. So cute Telisa!!! Trying this tomorrow!!

  4. I'm dying at these pictures!!! At first I think, oh what a cute idea! Then, oh look it's SugarTot designs!! Next, oh my goodness!!! That's my daughter in the picture!!!!!!!
    Superb job Telisa!!!!

  5. Really cute idea! I know I have some shirts that need to be spiced up!

    1. I can't stop making my shirts neon! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. This is very cute. I definitely have some things that could use some a new look. Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. It is so fun bringing new life to an old shirt! I hope you have fun doing it too!


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