Monday, February 18, 2013

MyColor Project - Transforming Furniture

Hi everyone!
I wanted to share a new post up on the MyColor Project Blog- and a few pieces of furniture that paint has once again transformed. I picked up a desk at the thrift store, and a little stepstool at an estate sale. The final "after" gives me warm fuzzies... go check it out here! Scroll down a little bit to the yucky old red desk. (you won't miss it!)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Visiting Teaching Valentine's Cards // Free Printable

Although, I LOVE every word of February's Visiting Teaching message, I couldn't let this month slip by without giving my VT ladies a Valentine. I made these for our Relief Society activity this month, which is a LOVE THE SISTERS night. We will be delivering cookies to those in need of comfort, love and company. I think it is safe to say, ALL of us gals are in need of that ;)
My son told me the jar looked like a Nephite  . . .well, I guess that goes with the theme??? 
There are 6 tags per page and I recommend printing it on matte or semi-gloss white card stock for best results!

I hope you will still read the message and share it with your sisters this month. I KNOW that we as sisters are vital to establishing friendships and making newly converted or newly activated sisters feel AT HOME in the church.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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