Tuesday, July 31, 2012

August Visiting Teaching Message {free calling card}

I decided to do something a little different with this month's visiting teaching printable. I am sure I am not the only one who is noticing a theme with the message's this year . . . the importance of visiting teaching!!! I loved the whole article this month and couldn't pick out my favorite so I think it's time to have a "calling card" to give our sisters. 
I love how it states, "If I have problems, I know my visiting teachers will help without waiting to be asked." I know giving out your number means they have to call and ask, but it's a wonderful feeling to know that there is someone there for you when you need it. . . especially when you don't live by family! 
We have been talking about the importance of visiting those we have been called to serve because, like the message says, the Bishop can't possibly visit everyone and know their needs. That is our job and "we can have 'great reason . . . to rejoice' because of 'the blessing which hath been bestowed upon us, that we have been made instruments in his hands of God to bring about this great work' (Alma 26:1, 3)"

Click on the image above, save to your computer, print and fill in your name on the top line with your number on the second. Fill in your partner's name and number on the next two lines. You can also include your e-mail! I hope this helps our sisters know that if they need anything, they can call ANYTIME!


Friday, July 27, 2012

back to school candy bar wrappers {free printable}

I might be a little late for some of you BUT better late than never . . . right?? I can't believe how fast back to school creeped up on me. My oldest is only going to be in Pre-K but I still get excited for my 25+ nieces and nephews who are about to start school. . . so this is for them (and my wonderful supporters).
CLICK on the candy bar wrappers below
PRINT them out
CUT them out
Use double sided tape or glue to WRAP them around your 1.55oz. candy bar
GIVE to your kids so they will have a little reminder on how AMAZING they are!!
FOLLOW me on facebook so you don't miss out on more free printables . . . well, you don't have to do this step but it would be for your own good:)

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shaped Expressions . . . fancy, funky and fun frames

I have been VERY fortunate to "meet" Desirae from Shaped Expressions. She is the owner of a shop full of fancy, ADORABLE frames that come in many shapes and sizes. I can't tell you how wonderful it has been getting to know her and receiving a sweet package full of frames from her! My only problem, is trying to figure out which room(s) to put them in, I want some in every room:)
One of my favorite items are theses pin cushions!! How adorable are these? If I had a craft room, I would definitely have these hanging on my wall. Someday . . .

For now I have some in the nursery, office and some waiting for us to finish our bathroom. I am so excited to have Desirae as our newest sponsor, please visit her shop, SHAPED EXPRESSIONS and order your own frames for a great price! And if you are indecisive like me, you can order them plain and paint them yourself. They will come ready to paint, no sanding necessary!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY Neon Striped Shirt

This white tee of mine has had many makeovers and this is by far my favorite, which is good because that paint is here to stay. I unpicked the red ruffles that were once on there (and looked terrible BTW) and started on the world's easiest project. 
This is by no means a new idea but here is a quick run down anyway.
Grab a shirt that has been sitting in your closet unused for awhile, some neon (or other color) fabric paint, painters tape and a sponge or paint brush. 
 Put your tape on the shirt in any pattern you want, I love the horizontal stripes and thought it would make a fun chevron pattern when I did the stripes on the back. Dip the sponge in your paint and start sponging it on your tee. Let it dry a bit and take the tape off (my favorite part, I love seeing the outcome!). Let it dry and flip your shirt over to do the same thing to the other side, making sure to line up the tape with the unpainted diagonal stripe.
And now you have a fun, bright and cheerful new shirt. My boys helped me paint the stripes on, so every time I wear the shirt they like to come up and touch the paint. I think they are pretty proud of themselves for making something;)
 My little model buddy who is wondering what his crazy mom is doing taking pictures of herself in the mirror. I love that face!!

No go grab some old shirts . . . I am sure your kid's have some too and upcycle them to something fun and new!
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dinner Brought to you by pinterest

Oh, Pinterest, thank you for giving me the motivation to cook thanks to some amazing bloggers/cookers and your good pictures! I pretty much rely on my Pinterest Boards every night for dinner. I have loved trying out these new recipes and I am pretty sure my hubby is happy with it too:)
Here are a few things we cooked up this month:
First up, these Chicken Nuggets with Honey Mustard Sauce from Tracey's Culinary Adventures are AAaaamazing. . . amazing enough to make them twice in 2 weeks. They are so easy to make and my boys LOVED them too, double bonus. They remind me of Chik-fil-A and since we haven't lived by one of those for YEARS, they are a special treat! I HIGHLY recommend cooking these up tonight, you probably already have everything you need on hand.Another quick and easy dish are these Italian Seasoned, Lemon Shrimp. I have not been able to find the original source for this recipe. Every picture just has the instructions on it. So please let me know if you came up with this goodness! I HIGHLY recommend serving it with a side of french bread that you can soak up the left over butter in!!
For a simple and easy side (can you tell, I am ALL about quick recipes here. . . I have a small window of opportunity to cook around here with my little munchkins), this Quick Summer Fruit Salad by Real Mom Kitchen was also a hit! It is also just great to have in the fridge as a snack.
BBQ Chicken Salad is one of my favorite salads and this fun twist was delicious. Goddess of Scrumptious Recipes shared this BBQ Chicken Quiona Salad. Again, my 4 year old and 2 year old even loved this. It was also so good cold the next day! 
Ok, if you haven't tried these 7-up Biscuits that have been floating around Pinterest, you are missing out. These are from Plain Chicken and might be a new staple around here! Love buttery goodness.
Now on to desserts . . . I don't know if I can thank Pinterest for all these recipes. . . I have a problem where there HAS to be dessert in the house or I can't sleep (seriously). I have another problem and that is I can't stop eating them. Like these S'more Graham Krispie Treats from Wanna be a Country Cleaver. 
Funny story about Golden Grahams . . . a couple weeks ago, a little boy in front of us at church was eating Golden Graham's and shared some with my boys. My boys didn't want them and my husband thought I brought them so sneaked them in his mouth. When we got home he went straight to the cupboard and asked if the Golden Graham's were all gone, I told him we didn't have any and he realized he was eating somebody else's cereal at church . . . Aaaanyways, after feeling foolish for a bit he told me those are one of his favorite cereals . . . we have been married 9 years and I never bought them and felt terrible I didn't know that. So when I saw these babies, I had to make them and I used a whole big bag of marshmallows!! They lasted about 2 days before they were devoured!
 Ok, so if you don't know me Diet Coke and chocolate are two of my most favorite things in the world. Although this is made with regular Coke . . . it is still my new favorite cake . . . EVER! This Chocolate Cola Cake by May Flaum is out of this world amazing and is best served with a tall glass of cold milk. I also just realized that I can somehow find time to make a good cake but try to do the quickest thing possible for dinner. . . hmmm.
I have made this twice in the last month and if you want it to last longer than 2 days, I don't recommend eating it after breakfast, lunch and dinner. The second time I made it, I put chopped up pecans in the frosting. . . that way I was getting some protein, right?!?!
Thank you to you fabulous cookers and bakers out there who make dinner easy for me!! PLEASE be sure to visit and pin the original source of these recipes!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thank you tags for Nursery Leaders

We have been in our ward for just over two years and the same two sweet, patient, loving ladies have greeted my two loud, crazy and at times crying boys. . . for five months they had to deal with both of them. As I drop the boys off every Sunday, I think about how wonderful they are to watch a room FULL of 18 month olds to 3 year old kids with a smile on their face. . . and how grateful I am to be able to go to Sunday school and Relief Society without chasing a little boy around.
With that being said, a mini loaf of bread isn't near enough to thank the nursery leaders but I hope my small gesture lets them know how much they are appreciated.
You can say thank you to the nursery leaders in your ward by simply clicking the download button below, printing, cutting out and delivering!
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekly Calendar Template - Weekly Scheduler

If you are anything like me (which I am sorry if you are;)), you tend to get overwhelmed easily, THINK you need to do a million things and go crazy in the process. After my husband finished his Pysch rotation (super fun for your hubby to tell you your personality quirks), he thought it would be good for me to break down the things I want/need to get done into days and write them down. That way, I am not worrying about getting the vacuuming, laundry, more items up in my shop EVERYDAY . . . they have their own time for me to worry about them. For my OCD mind, this works wonders!! I also know that if the laundry is piling up, I am not going to wait until Monday or Friday to do it. . . this is more like a guideline. I have seen a bunch of these floating around but wanted to make one a bit more customized to my house/work life.
I have them available in my shop as a blank template that I will write in your name at the top. i.e. "tiffany's schedule" and you can fill in or as a customized schedule that I fill in for you. They comei in 6 different colors: Lime Green, Tiffany Blue, Yellow, Gray, Hot Pink, and Tangerine.
There is just something about having everything written down, instead of running crazy in my head.
The colors can be customized to match your style. Just add this DESIGN CHANGE FEE to your cart at checkout along with the calendar template.

P.S. The fun washi embellishments are by Nisa Finn at JessicaSprague.comPhotobucket

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th with a Lincoln Onesie

Love this day. . .  love that we spent the morning with good company, good food and wearing our red, white and blue, love the sounds and sights of fireworks all week long, love the smell of BBQ, love the ooey gooey goodness of marshmallow's melted in between reese's peanut butter cup and graham crackers, love the country that we live in and loooooooooove my little Lincoln baby,
 my poor little guy who is probably forever scared due to kids letting off dynamite a foot from him. . . 
 and my other little guy who is way more into his toys than the fireworks.
I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating our Independence!Photobucket
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