Saturday, April 30, 2011

graduation announcements

i had so much fun making graduation announcements for my friend's little sister
i felt a little pressure making sure they were as cute as her senior pictures!
her sis did a FABULOUS job taking them!
she choose the first 2 and we made it double-sided.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

{if you ain't dutch, you ain't much}

we have a teeny, tiny bathroom that i can't seem to figure out how to decorate.
i have changed what's in these frames 3+ times.
i think i finally made something i like. . .
after all if you ain't dutch, you ain't much
(that's what my husband tells me anyway)
background paper by SprikSpace
. . . amazing site that you must check out

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{happy easter}

it's the simple things in life. . .

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{article of faith no.13} - free printable

these were created for my amazing sister who is the stake camp director and the theme is. . .
i thought i would share this print (8x10) in a few different colors
click on the color you want below to download print

new etsy shop!

i finally took the plunge and started an etsy shop!
now all my prints can be purchased there!!

painting trim and doors WHITE!

i am waiting on some pics from my little sugartot's monster birthday bash, so in the meantime here is a little glimpse of the 2 month long project of painting my old school trim and doors white.
18 doors, 8 rooms, 1 stairway and 1 major disaster later . .

i am so in love with my white trim and doors. i don't think i would have even noticed them if they were already white when we moved in. i will always appreciate them now!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

baby boy shower invitation & the letter "O"

my sister-in-law is a patient, easy-going, brave woman. she does not find out what she is having so with great anticipation we found out on march 24th that she had another little boy!
i am a bit biased about little boys and think they are the best:)

so, i finally got to make her a baby shower announcement and. . .
a print for her newest little guy's nursery. . .
and a print for the big brother's room!
congrats treavor and sara!
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