Saturday, May 21, 2011

{custom name prints}

a friend of mine recently had a baby girl. . . let me rephrase, her THIRD baby girl
and i made this fun print to hang in her nursery:

i am ABSOLUTELY in love with the name preslee!!
custom name signs are available here

i also have an option to do it like this:

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Board Book Promo - 10% off

i have been looking EVERYWHERE for a sturdy, thick, board book that I can personalize for my boys. all through dental school and now residency, i have been showing my boys pictures of their grandpas, grandmas, aunts, uncles, and cousins so that they know who they are. it breaks my heart that they don't know them but these books from board book albums are the perfect solution to familiarize my boys to my ever growing family! some of the features include:
- 7 x 7" book with 10 pages plus the cover
- holds 20 4 x 6" photos inside, plus one for the cover
- have a selection of books to choose from: white, black, pink and blue
- can be customized with your own scrapbooking embellishments
- nothces on page edges to make turning the page easier
- can be used for so many purposes: scrapbooking, school projects, kids crafts, baby or wedding shower gift, etc.


just to name a few:) i love that you can keep changing the pictures and that they are durable with my boys that like to throw books and eat them:)

if you are as excited about these board books as i am, head over to their website and enter Lucky10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

{free printable} quote by president dieter f. uchtdorf

i always love our monthly relief society meetings, and this month was no exception. we received this lovely quote from president uchtdorf and i knew i needed it bigger to remind me to get out of my own little bubble and notice the needs of those around me.
so, in come free printable for anyone else who loves these words.
click on the color of your choice below to download.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a few of my favorite . . . walls

it may be over done, but i still love the photo gallery walls!
the home print can be found here
and the scripture print here
that "V" has been at least 3 different colors. . . i still might paint it again. suggestions?
possibly my favorite room in the house which is ironic because laundry is my least favorite thing to do in the house!
which is why i made this sign. find it here
and painted a fun bird cage with a bird:)
not sure why i am obsessed with all things monster for my little sugar tot but he has just started noticing these little guys painted in his room. love it!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{silhouette giveaway} from the ever wonderful tatertots and jello

tatertots and jello is giving away a silhouette machine to ONE very lucky person.
Head on over there to find out how to enter.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

monster birthday party

remember this invitation? well, since it has been over a month since my little sugar tot turned one, i thought it was time to post some pics of his monster bash.

this was thrown together pretty fast and out of state but with my family so it was just perfect!
tatum's cousins had fun decorating their own monster cupcakes, eating eye-ball jello, lil' sandwiches, fruit, monster cookies and some monster energy drinks.
my AMAZING mother-in-law made him that INCREDIBLE monster quilt!
LOVE it!!!
how big is tatum? soooooooooo big!!
monster birthday invitation and party extras can be purchased here

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{free printable} and chicken wire frame

we had quite the thunder and lighting storm last night, i am still not used to this nebraska weather. . . insane!
anyway, since it kept me up. . . i had time to think (which is usually never good)
the storm reminded me of this print a made a few months ago when i needed a boost. . .
just thought i would share
click here or on the picture to download a 5x7 print

Monday, May 9, 2011

{armoir} before & after

this beast has been with us through 5 moves in 7 + years and has taken a beating.
it was in desperate need of some tlc so what else is there to do. . .
but paint it?!?

yes, there is a some cumin or garlic salt in my family room
thank you tatum for learning how to open cupboards and rearrange the house.

i just sprayed some tsp on that bad boy, lightly sanded it and started painting it blue.
after the first coat dried, i freaked out a little (as did my husband) because it was very baby blue and would be cute in a nursery or kids room but not our family room!
since, my kids were sleeping and i was desperate to get this done,
i just added some tan, black and maybe a little brown in the paint. . .

and i liked how it turned out!
painting the inside white was not my idea of fun. it took more coats than i cared to count.
i decided to just put some white contact paper down on the shelfs instead of paint.

just love those knobs!
a HUUUUGE thank you to my sister for telling me about polyurethane in a spray paint can!!! saved me hours. . . ok, days of work!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

{happy mother's day}

happy mother's day to my angel mother
and to all the other AMAZING mothers in my life!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Window Makeover

i got this bad boy from a nice old man on craigslists for . . . 1 buck!
he had tons of them and didn't want them to be landfill.
i started sanding and sanded some more
and some more than decided to just paint over it. . .
and sanded some more.
when i was done antiquing it a bit, i realized it looked pretty much like it did when i bought it.
but, i felt better knowing there was fresh paint on it:)

when i was dating my hubby, he sang (and by sang, i mean sang one line)
of george strait's "i cross my heart" to me. . .
and that sealed the deal:) (that has always been one of my fave songs)

so i thought i would put that line in one of the window pane's
after almost a year of living in our home,
i finally have something hanging over our bed

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