Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine Mantel Decor

Months without holidays are like cookies without milk . . . They are good but a hundred times better with both:) I don't know how to decorate my mantel without a holiday.
Pink is one of my very favorite colors so I love decorating for Valentine's >> and when there are 4 boys in the house, I have to take the opportunity to decorate with pink while I can. There isn't nearly enough pink here but I am sure there will be before Valentine's. 
 I am obsessed with these triangle felt garlands or any shape felt garland for that matter. They are cheap and simple to make. 

 My love themed mantel had to have pictures of the things I love most >>> my 3 little men, my main man and my Savior. 
I am curious if you guys keep your Valentine decor up all month or take it down after the 14th?? I am usually ready to get out the green goods because those don't get to stay out too long either;) 
Thanks for stopping by!
All Valentine tags in my shop are buy one get one half off with the code VALENTINE until Valentine's Day!


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Monday, January 7, 2013

New Years Resolutions Printable 2013

I know in blog world, I am a month late for this and you are on to Valentine's Day BUT I had a friend ask me to make it and wanted to share it for those of us that haven't set their new years resolutions . . . or are possibly doing it for family night tonight! 
And since I am not quite ready to give up the holidays yet, I have to post my favorite pics of the season. As it usually goes, they were taken on a whim when my 4 year old asked me to take his picture and started posing. Love these boys. . .


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Visiting Teaching Message {Free Printable}

I am passionate about missionary work and love any opportunity I get to share my beliefs and what brings me the greatest joy and peace in the world . . . the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am FAR from comfortable with saying the right thing at the right time but believe our example and lifestyle is one of the best examples. 
I have missed a few months, but hopefully am back in the swing of things with posting month visiting teaching printables. 
Do download this months, click the download link below.

I love how it says that not only does "the Lord ENTRUST a testimony of truth" to us but expects the members to "declare His gospel with the sound of rejoicing" at ALL times. 
LOVE!! I hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Chalkboard Style Family Goal Sign - SALE

I love setting goals for the New Year and have high hopes that THIS is the year I will keep all of them. . . this is the year, right?!? This is the year I will read my scriptures EVERYDAY, this is the year I will  have family home evening EVERY Monday, this is the year I will have family prayer EVERY night, this is the year I will attend the temple monthly, this is the year I will spend LESS, this is the year I will have patience with my children. . . etc., etc., etc. I usually feel like a big fat failure by the end of the year when I look at the goals I set and maybe accomplished one. Nonetheless, I will keep trying! I haven't been good at posting my goals and that is why I decided to make family goal signs. My Mom always had our personal goals printed, laminated and hanging in our room growing up. It is time I do that in my home:)
We are working on our family goals this week and since I am sure most of you are, you can get your custom chalkboard style family goal sign for $12 until the 5th!

I plan on printing one for my family and one for myself:) The sale ends January 5th, after that they will be $18.
Here is to keeping our goals this year (at least one or two anyway;)).

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