Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Clock Face Table Makeover

I've been bored with our plain black pedestal table for awhile,
but didn't want to go out and buy a new one (of course!).
While we were driving home from a friend's house, we found this table on the curb for the trash.
Can you believe that? Who would just throw away such a beautiful table??
It took a lot of convincing, but I finally got my husband to help me put it into our SUV... with two car seats and golf clubs in the back. ;) it was a verrry uncomfortable ride home, but so worth it!
This is my sister's watch- which I love. It's classic and big. BIGGER is better!
I decided to use real numbers instead of the roman numerals to modernize it a little.
 The table had been left out in the rain so the top was slightly warped. I sanded it down and then applied some wood filler. After about 8 hours of dry time, I sanded it again. Lots of sanding. I didn't want a perfectly smooth finish, because I planned on glazing and needed some hangup spots.
After wiping down the excess wood filler, I applied a coat of grey primer and then a coat of white primer. You can see the grey through the white, which I liked. We're going for an aged look here, so after those dried I rubbed more grey primer all over with a cloth and then wiped it off. It hung up in some of the recesses and made the table look aged.

Next, I found the middle of the table and stuck a pushpin in. After tying a string to it and the other end to a pencil, I was able to start drawing circles around the table. This made it easy to figure out where the numbers would go.
 Here's a close up of my pencil lines. I actually left them on because I liked the way that they looked.
I found some awesome number graphics from the Graphics Fairy and printed them up as large as I could- one per page. They're not exact but pretty close. :) I used the two circles that I drew as a guideline and tried to keep the numbers in between them.
After tracing the numbers in pencil onto the table, we're ready to paint!
In this picture, you can really see the glazing and aging effect.
 Starting to paint... and you can see where I had to re-trace the 11. It was a little crooked the first time.
 I added the little minute dashes after the numbers- and outlined one of the original circles.

 Well, at least someone likes the new table around here!


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