Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Visiting Teaching Message {free printable}

Are the months flying by to anybody else??? How is it already March?? Time needs to slow down so my baby STOPS growing so fast. 
You can find this month's visiting teaching message from the Ensign HERE. I so love the lesson taught here, that we are LITERALLY daughters of God. . . meaning we have been blessed with spiritual gifts to help build the kingdom of God here on earth. There is no doubt that woman have a great sense of compassion and sense when others are in need, and I love that through Relief Society we are able to help those sisters around us. I know I have been the fortunate recipient of many sisters help in my ward who have listened to the spirit in knowing that I needed a little boost:)
This month's printable is a 4x6, you can download just one per page (below) . . .
or two 4x6's per page (below). Just click the download button, print and deliver to your sisters!
This was my sad, sad attempt at making sugar cookies for the ladies I visit teach. I told my husband that I think there is something wrong with our oven because I have over-cooked or under-cooked just about everything lately . . . his response, "I guess there has been something wrong with our past 5 ovens than."
His not so subtle way of saying, "You are a terrible cook."
I am going to blame it on the little green guys who are already started to cause mischief around here:)



  1. hahahaha! you are a wonderful cook. don't let him tell you otherwise!! still have your muffin recipe that you gave me.... maybe someday i'll try it??
    love the cookies in a jar. did you throw them in there and shake? lol!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I am a problem solver by nature, so here goes: Do you have an oven thermometer? Make sure your oven really is at the temp you set it to. Do you preheat your oven? Very important when making things (like cookies) that only cook for a short time. Do you use a timer? Imperative for properly cooking anything. No guessing, estimating, or forgetting allowed. Those cookies look like they weren't in the oven long enough. They also look like the green part could use another tablespoon or so of flour, to make up for the liquid of the food coloring. Just my two cents. Please don't be offended if you really didn't want or need the advice.

  4. Love when men are just flat out rude! I am going to smack that hubby of yours! Miss your face!


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