Friday, March 9, 2012

DIY Quick Fixes for Spring {Guest Post by Inspired By Grace}

I am excited to have a Grace from Inspired By Grace here to share some quick tips on getting our homes ready for spring. Yaaaaay for Spring!

The cold weather of winter drives you inside, so when spring comes you are ready to shed the jackets and enjoy the great outdoors again.  Windows are opened, and you are prepared to welcome the beauty of spring.  The colors are brighter and the grass is greener.  The dog days of summer are still a few months away, and you are looking forward to luxuriating in the mild weather heralded by spring.  Here are some DIY projects you can do around the house to get ready for the warm weather and make your home more enjoyable.

Painting is an affordable way to freshen the home and make everything look better.  Spring is a great time to do it because you can open the windows for fresh air while working the brush.   Whether you are in love with a deep color or something light and airy, there is no better time than spring to make your walls look like new again with a fresh coat of paint.
Once summer arrives and the weather dries out, you may find that your ground is hard as a rock.  In spring, however, the ground is usually soft.  This makes it a great time to add walkways to your property.  If you have an extensive garden, consider adding a walkway to encourage people to meander through the flowers.  Put one along the driveway so you can step on clean stone instead of slippery grass when exiting the car.  Add a graceful curved walkway going to your front door for the curb appeal and intrigue.

Hard Trim
This is also a great time to do a hard trim on the bushes.  They are still dormant, so cutting them back won’t harm the plants.  The lack of leaves on some plants will also make it easier to see where you are cutting so you achieve a pleasing shape.  Be sure to trim the backs of bushes that travel along the house.  Keeping a few inches between any plants and house will help limit insect invaders and ensure that branches don’t scratch the siding. 
Fresh Window Treatments and Linens
Spring is the time to leave the deep colors of winter behind and embrace something lighter and brighter.  Switch out window treatments and hang beautiful, lightweight curtains that will let the sun shine in and remind you that warmer weather has arrived.  Store away heavy flannel blankets and replace them with lightweight throws.  Switch the bed linens from warm flannels to cool and comfortable cotton.  You will love the change of pace, and the fresh d├ęcor will put you in the mood for spring.
Sprucing up the house for spring doesn’t have to be tedious.  You can take steps to make your home more inviting and ring the new season in with style.  A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for your spring-cleaning efforts, and new linens will set the mood.  Consider adding walkways outside and take the time to shape up your landscaping, it doesn’t have to look like a Hampton home to be appealing.  You will love how your home looks now and throughout the season.

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