Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{free printable} steps to becoming a member of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. . .

and our own "marley and me" experience.
since we moved to omaha, i have been teaching the 4-5 year old kids at church every sunday
and just got released and called into the relief society.
i did not think i would be this sad to leave my sweet little kids who always made me laugh and taught me more than i probably taught them . . .
and now i have to come up with activities every month for the women . . .
i foresee lots of printables in the future.
anyways, i made this poster to go along with most of our lessons this year and am sorry that i am just posting it now, but i am sure it will still come in handy for future lessons and fhe.
i laminated both pages, cut out the steps and taped them each week as we talked about them.


                   8 x 10                                            11 x 14 

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on a side note - 
this (nebraska storms) 
has lead this (big dog)
 to do this (try to bite his way out)
to this (just about through to the garage)
and finally to this
 (having to buy an insanely HUGE and expensive crate to put him in everytime we leave. . . i am talking about the dog not our son:))

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  1. Impressive!! I should order one for Cade and Morgan! I love the colors!

  2. Ouch! I feel your pain! Cute pic of the two in the crate. lol

  3. , I am sure, as will the currently empty south-facing triangle on the roof above my head. I can only hope that others will find the will and the means to do the same. fence contractors rockingham


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