Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Window Makeover

i got this bad boy from a nice old man on craigslists for . . . 1 buck!
he had tons of them and didn't want them to be landfill.
i started sanding and sanded some more
and some more than decided to just paint over it. . .
and sanded some more.
when i was done antiquing it a bit, i realized it looked pretty much like it did when i bought it.
but, i felt better knowing there was fresh paint on it:)

when i was dating my hubby, he sang (and by sang, i mean sang one line)
of george strait's "i cross my heart" to me. . .
and that sealed the deal:) (that has always been one of my fave songs)

so i thought i would put that line in one of the window pane's
after almost a year of living in our home,
i finally have something hanging over our bed


  1. Telisa you are amazing!!! I am Spray Painting my chairs today and they are NOT turning out. I may be calling you for some advice!

  2. Simply Wonderful! Now we need to go get some more windows from our buddy. :)

  3. So cute! You never cease to amaze me!!

  4. What a perfect decoration for above your bed!!! And for a buck, you made it priceless!!!


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