Monday, May 9, 2011

{armoir} before & after

this beast has been with us through 5 moves in 7 + years and has taken a beating.
it was in desperate need of some tlc so what else is there to do. . .
but paint it?!?

yes, there is a some cumin or garlic salt in my family room
thank you tatum for learning how to open cupboards and rearrange the house.

i just sprayed some tsp on that bad boy, lightly sanded it and started painting it blue.
after the first coat dried, i freaked out a little (as did my husband) because it was very baby blue and would be cute in a nursery or kids room but not our family room!
since, my kids were sleeping and i was desperate to get this done,
i just added some tan, black and maybe a little brown in the paint. . .

and i liked how it turned out!
painting the inside white was not my idea of fun. it took more coats than i cared to count.
i decided to just put some white contact paper down on the shelfs instead of paint.

just love those knobs!
a HUUUUGE thank you to my sister for telling me about polyurethane in a spray paint can!!! saved me hours. . . ok, days of work!

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