Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine Mantel Decor

Months without holidays are like cookies without milk . . . They are good but a hundred times better with both:) I don't know how to decorate my mantel without a holiday.
Pink is one of my very favorite colors so I love decorating for Valentine's >> and when there are 4 boys in the house, I have to take the opportunity to decorate with pink while I can. There isn't nearly enough pink here but I am sure there will be before Valentine's. 
 I am obsessed with these triangle felt garlands or any shape felt garland for that matter. They are cheap and simple to make. 

 My love themed mantel had to have pictures of the things I love most >>> my 3 little men, my main man and my Savior. 
I am curious if you guys keep your Valentine decor up all month or take it down after the 14th?? I am usually ready to get out the green goods because those don't get to stay out too long either;) 
Thanks for stopping by!
All Valentine tags in my shop are buy one get one half off with the code VALENTINE until Valentine's Day!


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  1. Hi there, new follower & first comment.
    Thats was a gorgeous display.
    Regards Kylie

  2. Looks AMAZING! No surprise there! Love all of your LOVES on that mantel. Is the garland fabric sewn together? Love all the little triangles. I take my Valentine's stuff down a few days after V-day, then I usually wait a week or so until GREEN stuff.

  3. just found your blog through pinterest, it is so cute! thank you so much for the free printables, the january VT message is really cool!! one for them one for me!!

  4. Super sweet and presh. Love it. Love that the picture of the Savior is on your mantel... after all he exudes love! Hugs, jen

    1. Thanks Jen, I just read through your 10 lessons mothers should know and I LOVE it!!!

  5. Your mantel looks very pretty!

  6. The entire mantel is GORGEOUS!!! And I love the garland!

  7. Beautiful mantel! I love that you didn't forget the one who loves you most. :)


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