Thursday, October 25, 2012

Yellow Striped Nursery ***UPDATE***

Well, my little man is almost 9 months old and I am finally done making the changes that have been nagging at me. Here is the BEFORE . . .
and the bright, happy AFTER!!! (Well, it was pretty bright before but now it is extra bright) My mother-in-law was getting rid of her white crib and I begged to have it. It took a year and a horse trailer to get it out here but it's here! :) The shelf was a $15 Craigslist find that I painted white.
I made the yarn mobile and you can find the tutorial for that HERE.

Another BEFORE . . . 

My Mom and I found these adorable tops at a vintage store in Old Market, Omaha. I LOVE them and my boys have a great time with them as well. The lamp was a Target find that I covered with fabric.

Not a huge change from the before. I just painted the changing table white, the yellow was too much with the yellow stripes and kelly green wall.
This is my lovely Anatomy alphabet from Oh Moon
These book ends are my Dad's actual baby shoes that are now bronzed. I will ALWAYS cherish them! (I really should have taken the time to dust them off before taking a picture. . .)
And this is my sweet little, 9 month old Lincoln wreaking havoc as usual. I love it! Here is to hoping that he doesn't crawl out of his crib in a few months like my other boys did. Hopefully this crib will keep him in there better than the other one!

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  1. What a bright and beautiful room! I love the yellow stripes.

  2. Love the before & after!!! So fun & bright"

  3. Oh my goodness. How is you always manage to make everything so AMAZING!! I really need to hire you to help with my house. It needs a touch of 'Telisa'!

  4. hey! would you be willing to share the names of your paint colors?


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