Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Bucket List

     My husband is a resident here in beautiful Cleveland, and we have absolutely loved our time here. This is our last summer here, because next year we're headed back to Atlanta.
     Here's our summer bucket list- with a special emphasis on Cleveland!
    Not here? Come and visit! It's an awesome city..... Or just tweak it a little bit for your city. :)
    I'm planning on writing the list out on our chalkboard wall...

  1. Go on a picnic
  2. Cleveland Botanical Gardens
  3. Go on a nature walk in the Cleveland Metroparks
  4. Make a posterboard collage from magazine cutouts
  5. Camping in the backyard
  6. Slumber party with a friend
  7. Chalk art gallery on the driveway (I'll draw the frames, they make the art)
  8. Bowling.. I'm planning on using a Groupon for this one!
  9. Wash cars in the driveway.. with lots of bubbles, of course!
  10. Day of baking for friends and neighbors (then see #39)
  11. Build (or maybe just paint) a bird house and hang
  12. Design a shirt- paint, tie dye, markers? I have a feeling this will be worn alllll summer!
  13. Playground crawl- one new playground a day
  14. Scavenger hunt around the house and yard
  15. Backwards day
  16. Cleveland children's museum
  17. Movie night- complete with popcorn and a borrowed movie
  18. Library- story time
  19. Ice skating- yep, that's right. cleveland has ice skating in the summertime!
  20. water balloon fight (a little hesitant about this one. i'm not a fan of all of those little pieces everywhere)
  21. Kites- build and fly!
  22. Memphis kiddie park
  23. Zoo
  24. Big indoor fort- using all sheets and blankets!
  25. Stargazing
  26. Sno cones (i have a sno cone machine that probably has dust on it.)
  27. Macaroni necklaces- paint and string with yarn
  28. Beach- mentor headlands
  29. Make lemonade- real lemons, real sugar, sell for 5 cents. :)
  30. Splash park-opens june 9th
  31. Obstacle course in the backyard
  32. Box cars- use cardboard boxes and paint them to make cars! (drive in movie, anyone?)
  33. Feed ducks at Aurora Farms outlets
  34. New Cleveland aquarium
  35. Pillow fight
  36. Make ice cream in a bag
  37. Tea party
  38. Glow sticks in the bathtub
  39. Ding dong ditch the neighbors with cookies!
  40. Make a book
  41. Make a band
  42. Mess-less makeup- I got this idea from http://cuegly.blogspot.com/. She took empty makeup containers and poured in fingernail polish. Her daughter still thinks it's real and she doesn't have to clean up any messes. BRILLIANT!
  43.  Chocolate tour at Malley's Chocolate Factory 
  44.  Indians game- with the kids
  45.  Bike rides
  46.  Wade Oval Wednesdays
  47.  Fruit picking- have always gone to Patterson's, but might try somewhere new!
  48.  Work in the garden- plant flowers
  49. Catch fireflies
  50.  West Side Market

Have an awesome summer!

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  1. I loved it when Telisa took us to the West Side Market! So many yummy foods to choose from, I loved it!


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