Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vintage Cowgirl Party!

Happy 3rd birthday to my little cowgirl, Penny!
I searched all over for children's cowboy hats, and they were outrageous- especially since I needed 20! (two extras, just in case.) Finally found some at the dollar store (!) and was able to paint the names on the rim with white fabric paint. (a lot easier to paint on foam than on a real cowboy hat anyways.) I had a table set up with felt stickers so the kids could decorate their hats.
Printable water bottle labels. They were customized to say "Happy Birthday Penny" and can be used on most bottles and cups.
Each food/ drink item had a funny cowboy name.
loved my friends' suggestions- "cactus juice" for the little "Hugs".
Bendy straws fit perfectly by punching a hole in the topand we were able to minimize the spill ratio... a little.


Real horse rides! Forget the cake, this was the main attraction!

We brought and borrowed rocking horses for the kids that were too small to ride the real ones.

Goody bags. They say, Y'all come back real soon!"

MUCH needed coffee for parents! AKA "firewater"
This is the box that Penny's barbie jeep came in. I painted it and cut out a door and face holes.

The "Fools' Gold" was caramel corn.
I had a friend bring chocolate cookies.. AKA "Cow Patties"
hehehe- I didn't have a food label for that one, but they were a big hit!

And the beef jerky was for the dads. Also a big hit!

The cake! I traced my husband's cowboy boot and made a paper template. Next, I laid it over the 13x9 sheet cakes and cut out the boot.
See the cheese balls in the background? "Rattle snake eggs!" So funny!

You can find the Vintage Cowgirl Party kit that I used
HERE from SugarTot Design:Store.
And if you get a chance, the invitation is really cute too!
It's HERE.



  1. I featured this post today on my blog!

  2. sarah this is sooo cute! great job on the printables telisa!
    my fav is the picture booth!!


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