Monday, October 10, 2011

Tutu's {Tutorial} and Flower Girls!

Last week, a friend of ours decided to get married- and quick! She asked our girls (ages 3 and 1 1/2) and a friend's little girl (1 1/2) to be flower girls, but what to wear??

I had this hand-me-down dress for our 3 year old to wear,
and decided to make matching tutus for the younger girls.
First, gather your supplies.
I made 2 long tutu's and used 5 yards each of two colors tulle (white and light pink), and 2 yards of peach shimmer. Careful with that stuff- there's glitter everywhere! I also made matching hair bows, so there's a bunch of peonies and ribbon.
I used the metal clips for hair at Sally's. They are relatively inexpensive and come in a big box. With the hot glue gun, wrap a piece of ribbon (starting inside) around most of the clip. leave the bottom section bare so that it has some grip in the hair.Then separate your flowers and leaves. I used bunches of 3 leaves.
Glue a leaf bunch onto each clip. . .
and then the flower. I put it at an angle because it has more surface area for glue to stick.Here's one on me so you can see it- they're big!I didn't like the worn looking flower on the dress, so I cut it off and glued a new one on.Now for the tutu's!
Cut your ribbon so that it wraps around the little one's waist and makes a bow in back. I left enough so that the tails of the bow could stay long and elegant.

Next, center it and tie it around the back of a chair.Locate your tulle. After some time has passed, who knows where it's gone off to?Stretch it out (best with a friend) and fold it length-wise as many times as you can.Start cutting from one end and make 6-inch sections. Really, any size would work though.Stack your sections and start looping!Fold one piece in half and make a loop behind the ribbon.Now pull the rest of the piece through that loop and pull snug. Not too tight though.
Keep looping and alternating colors.
I alternated between pink and white and went back later to add the peach sparkle evenly.

You can use any combination of colors! Keep going until you reach the fullness that you like and the width around the little one's waist.
Take it off the chair, tie your bow and try it on for size. Mark your length and tie it back up.
Trim for length. You could also cut your strips for length before you start tying.
Here they are! The bride found some cute headbands (and a tiara!) that she wanted the girls to wear, so we used the hair bows on the tutus.
Have fun making tutus for your little princess!

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  1. Very cute. I am planning to make one of these for my daughter's Halloween Costume. You make it look so easy.


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