Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fabric Flower Keychain Tutorial

i saw a ridiculously cute fabric flower keychain in a boutique
 (with an equally ridiculously cute handmade purse), 
both of which i knew i couldn't afford but they gave me inspiration to make my own
well, the keychain at least, i leave the amazing sewing skills to my sister:).
i looked around for tutorials on how to braid fabric with more than 3 strands and this tutorial by make it and love it was the easiest one for me to comprehend and my mind is racing with more braid projects now. 
i went through my scraps and found the ends of my lovely pants that were too short for me so I made capris out of them . . . i knew they would come in handy someday:),
cut 5 2" strips and started braiding them.
i almost stopped here and just made a bracelet out of it but forced myself to stay on track.
i cut all the strands but the middle one and looped it through my keychain.
a word about my keychain, i only looked at 2 stores and couldn't find a bigger one but with 2 loud, hyper and super fun boys in tow, i decided this would work (it comes in a pack of 2 at hobby lobby).
i cut off the extra fabric strand and hot glue gunned it over the other cut strands to give it a nice clean look. probably should have sewed it but a hot glue gun is so much easier.
now onto the flower, really the possibilities are endless. i had a hard time deciding which one to use, but ended up with the classic rose flower. 
1. cut your flower in a 3 1/2 " wide strip (or smaller or bigger depending on the size you want)
2. fold it in half lengthwise and iron
3. sew a gathering stitch along the frayed edge
4. starting at one end, place a dab of hot glue gun on the bottom frayed edge and starting rolling
5. keep rolling and gluing it as you go
6. keep rolling and gluing until you have your rose
i cut a circle out of my fabric and glued it to the back to cover up the lose strands
turn it over and you have a new fabric flower keychain
attach your keys to it and make finding them a whole lot easier.
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  1. What a cute key chain! I think I need something like this as I'm always losing my keys in my purse!!


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