Saturday, March 26, 2011

toy story 3 party invitations & cupcake toppers

my little man turns 3 tomorrow.
his best buddy also turns 3 tomorrow.
they are obsessed with toy story 3.
enough said.

those boys were in heaven surrounded by their best friends and all things toy story.
the gang pinned the badge on woody, helped fix mr. potato head, built parachutes for the toy soldiers, used "the claw" to get the toys out of the basket, enjoyed some "slinky dogs" and "al's toy barn cheese balls."
i got the free printable for andy's pictures at rook #17 which you can print here

looks like i need to work on my photography skills and try NOT to get my reflection in the window.

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  1. Wow!! Looks like a hit! You did a suburb job!!!!

  2. How precious is this! What an adorable, adorable birthday party! You are very talented Telisa! We have GOT to get the word out about you! Happy Birthday to your little man and his buddy!


  3. So freakin' cute!! You are amazing!! Can you help me & Tris with our girls party?

  4. Yes. I want to make it awesome for our girlies. Mostly cuz she's the only girl I have and I know she's the only one who will actually appreciate it!! You are amazing. The party looks so fun - wish I could have been there.

  5. Hi! Just wanted you to know that we featured you at Inspiration Friday, the post is up right now. You need to come link up this post...I think everyone will love the Toy Story theme. I adore that picture of the party table! Hope to see you over there! Have a wonderful weekend.



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