Friday, July 8, 2011

fabric flower canvas

it usually takes me at least 3 times of doing something before i am satisfied with it. . . 
take this canvas. it has been painted brown with a green V,
black with an attempt at a coat of arms of the netherlands,
and finally mod podged with pages of a very old mythology book and decorated with fabirc flowers.
3 totally different takes.
that is me for you.
it was just a flat 22" x 28" canvas that i have had for who knows how long,
so i glued 2" square dowels on it to make it look like a canvas and "pop" off the wall.
here are the flowers i used and the tutorials that helped me.
flower #1 by sew ritzy titzy
rosette by little birdie secrets
ruffled flower by creation corner
rolled flower by the pilot's wife
flower #2 by house of smith's
yo yo by studio calico
and leaf / tulip flower well, my mom just kind of made that up. that is what she does. amazing woman.
she just took a little square, folded it in half, than folded the corners down and sewed around the bottom.
the stems, of course, are just a basic ruffle stitch

here is the final product. i am sure i will change the color of that "v" a few times.
for now, i think i like the subtly of it because i have so many other v's around my house.
and on a side note, this is what happens when i try to bake
this little monster gets into EVERYTHING, including the green food coloring while i was using the red and blue. if only some of his cuteness could have rubbed off on our 4th of july cake. . . 
i still have a green little monster running around. 


  1. Seriously. You couldn't be any more talented. I love everything.

  2. TATUM looks so content with the flour and the food coloring! A future genius!! Everything is darling!!

  3. Love the flowers. You know my girls are just a few minutes away when you need baking "supervision" for your boys. They'd happily hang out to avoid any more green monster encounters.

  4. wow!! this is soo interesting to look at!! I love the layers and textures! Great colors and fabric choices!! great job! you are very talented!!

  5. That looks fantastic! I would love it if you linked up to my Tuesday Confessional link party going on now. There is also an awesome giveaway to go with the party, so you should check it out.
    I hope to see you soon!

  6. what a clever project! I love the finished look :D

  7. Amazing!
    Would you be willing to share this at our Weekly Playdate (a kid and family themed link party)? This week's edition is here:

    Come & Play :: Playdate

  8. You have been crowned a La-Dee-Da diva and featured on my blog!!! Come by and grab a button

  9. I can't see the images you have added in this post, i don't know what is the reason behind this, i can only see here black rectangles place of image with information sign, and i also can see the kid image he is really looking so cute, thanks for sharing with us.

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