Saturday, July 23, 2011

{Free Printable} "G" Thanks Mini Bread Loaf Wrapper

a few years ago, my lovely sisters gave me TWO boxes of handmade cards and one of them said, 
"G Thanks!" 
(get it, gee thanks . . . it took me a second too)
they were the first cards i used up and it has taken me this long to make some more.
only this time, they are in mini bread wrapper style. 

 i have been blessed with meeting some truly remarkable people here in omaha who are always willing to help our little family out. the least i can do to show my appreciation is bake them some of my mom's whole wheat bread. . . which, i can never resist eating a slice hot out of the oven (see below).

this bread wrapper {FREE} printable is for a MINI loaf for my lovely friends via google connect whose support keeps me sane! i am sure you creative geniuses out there can find other uses for them besides a bread wrapper. . . jam wrapper, bottle wrapper, thank you tags, etc.
click HERE or on wrappers to download


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  1. I love those! They are so pretty! I've been looking at your other printables and have to say YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!! What program do you use to create them in? What an awesome idea to use it as a bread wrapper too! So creative!

  2. I just shared this on The 36th Avenue FB page... Love it!

  3. What do you use to actually wrap the bread? Is that tissue paper? Or a waxed paper?

  4. How about sharing your whole wheat bread recipe. Love Love Love the wrappers

    1. I will make a post of it this week! Glad you like them!

  5. I would also love to have your recipe if you are willing to share.


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