Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of july festivities

just to show that i wasn't lying when my family goes all out for the 4th of july as stated over at
i heart naptime
i couldn't resist posting these pictures of their celebration.
it has been 5 years since i have been able to go (thanks to good old dental school and residency),
here is to hoping i make it next year.
this is just my immediate family - 6 kids, 23 grandkids
and one amazing mom and dad gather for brunch, 
followed by a visit by abraham lincoln (a.k.a. my dear dad),
followed by the reading of the gettysburg address by my nieces,
a flag ceremony,
and end it all with a little slip and slide.

isn't that little ruffle skirt amazing?!? if i ever have a girl, my sister is going to have to teach me all her tricks!!! love it. 
it helps when the little girl wearing it is ridiculously adorable. 

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