Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter Yarn Wreath & More Winter Decor Ideas

I always LOVE putting up Christmas decorations but I also LOVE putting them away. However, I always feel like the house is a bit bare without any holiday decor. This is just about the only thing I have for winter decor. . . and it really isn't that wintery. The white shimmery yarn and deep purple flowers remind me of winter when I really could just keep it up year round. There is just something about decorating for the seasons. . . right?! 
(Please tell me, or rather my husband, that I am not the only one that likes to change the decor every month)

Here are a few of HGTV's fans winter decor ideas
Oh, this would really throw my hubby for a loop if I painted murals on the wall for each season. . . this is vinyl but I don't have a vinyl machine so painting would have to suffice:)
Snowflakes falling throughout the house. . . LOVE
Snow filled vases from
A subtle silver, glittery tree
Love this porch that is ready for winter.

What do you do when the Christmas decorations come down? Enjoy the cleanliness or are you itching to put up your Valentine's decorations? 
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  1. Beautiful! I'll have to pretty things up a bit at my house, too. Things look so bare now that our Christmas decorations are put away!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Christmas decorations are down the day after Christmas, and i just finished decorating for valentines day! sooo funny, telisa- I just finished a felt wreath too. ;)


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