Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chevron Canvas Makeover

Like most decor in my house, especially the ones made by me, they get moved around A LOT and get changed A LOT. Like this canvas, after painting the chevron pattern, I hung it above our computer, than over the fireplace, than above our bed and now it resides in our hallway with a new heart initial decal.
We will see how long that lasts. . .
 I was not loving the "V" and "L" vinyl that I bought simply because it was on clearance, so I have been thinking for MONTHS what I could do to change it. This is what I came up with . . . for now:)
I took an old cardboard box, scrap fabric, mod podge and scissors.
Cut out a heart and started mod podging those fabric scraps on there. The back is not so cute as you can tell but I just put some sticky backs on there (because I know me and I will probably change this sometime, hopefully in the not so near future) and slapped it on the canvas. I wasn't planning on putting the vinyl back on but as I was taking it off, I thought I still liked it without the twirly stuff.
 A little love in the hallway, just in time for Valentine's Day.


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  1. I love how you always want to improve and change things up!! It makes for interesting and fun! And I see you recycled a packing box!

  2. cute-i hate that i do that, too-get something that isn't exactly what i want but happens to be cheaper or on sale or clearance. when will i learn it's not worth it?!

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  5. change is necessary and thats what you have done. I like your idea its a creative one and looking wonderful too. UK Packaging Supplies


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